My name is John Tamburriello. I am from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I got into the Disney Craze a bit late in my life (2002) when I was almost forced to go. Basically kicking and screaming the whole time upon checking in to Port Orleans Riverside I fell in love with the place. 

Fast forward a little bit to 2006 and I’ve been back every year since ranging from once a year to 4 times a year. Sometimes for 16 days straight. Others for 3 and 4 days. I became obsessed with taking photos while in Disney. Especially food pictures. 

When I got into Disney World the food didn’t have this massive cult following as it does today. There were hardly any pictures of the meal options at Disney World and I made it a goal to change that. I have a Disney World Food Facebook page thats closing in on 5,000 followers. When I’m not talking to people about and defending my love for Disney World you can find me on the ice playing hockey or at home watching Unsolved Mysteries.
John Tamburriello