My father was a mechanic and worked for Trans World Airlines which gave me the opportunity to see the world. Just like all sons I wanted to be like my dad. I went to a vocational high school and studied auto mechanics. My dad started Father and Son Auto Service and wanted to build a business for me. But after a few years I realized being a mechanic wasn’t for me.

My first child Samantha was born in 1988 and my son Michael in 1992. Being part of a large Italian family and from the east coast there were always family events. My son Michael as a toddler was a handful. We had so many Michaels in our family that whenever we’d yell “Michael stop!” all the Michaels would turn and look. The family started calling my son Mickey which is a popular nickname for Michael but fitting as we are a Disney family. Even today all our family and friends call him Mickey.

During those early years we vacationed at Walt Disney World two to three times each year. We loved the magic of Disney and the kids even at such an early age enjoyed every minute of it. My family was the Grand Marshals of the Mickey Mania Parade Nov 3, 1995 (see below).I got quite good at finding out deals and discounts that were available and knew so much about Walt Disney World. Whenever family or friends wanted to go on vacation to Disney I’d get a call. “Where do I stay? How do I do it? What plan should I buy?” So naturally I helped them out.

In spring of 1993 I got a call from this guy named  Mickey who was a friend of my brother in law Michael. He asked if I can help him plan his vacation for his wife and his two girls. He said this vacation has to be special for his little girls and something they’d remember forever

I helped them decide on a resort and amount of time they should go for based on what they wanted to do. I helped them plan out an itinerary. I told them the current deals on Disney and how to book the trip, what to ask for etc. What character dining was available, tips on viewing the parades, fireworks, everything I’ve accumulated from all our vacations. They were going early summer right after his girls got out of school.

Later that summer my doorbell rang and it was Mickey. He stopped by to thank me and raved that everything I told him was right on the money. He said that they could not have done it without me and it was a vacation they’ll cherish forever. Mickey said I should start a business to help people with their Disney vacations because I knew so much and I was great at it.

Thanksgiving of that year I asked my brother in law Michael how his friend Mickey was doing. The smile on his face went away and he said Mickey died of cancer last month. Mickey was diagnosed earlier in the year that he had six months to live. That Disney trip was important to him. He wanted to leave his family with wonderful memories and to share something special together.

The next few months I thought about what Mickey said about helping others plan their Disney vacations. While it was Mickey who placed the seed in my mind, like my father I wanted to start our travel business that my children could work at and take over. In April of 1994 Mickey’s Travel was born and today both my daughter Sam and son Mickey are part of it.

Mickey’s Travel is a family run business and all our travel planners are family to us. Let our family help your family plan the perfect vacation whatever your destination may be.
Vinnie Amico - Founder Mickey's Travel