Word from the owner

My name is Vinnie Amico and along with my wife Pam, we founded Mickey’s Travel in 1994. I was very good helping people with their Disney vacation plans.  I decided I wanted to be a travel agent that specialized in Disney. Let me tell you about those first few days.

That was a time of the brick and mortar travel agency.  There was one on almost every corner in town and I went to every one.  I was told you need to come in 3 nights a week plus one day each weekend to answer phones, stick labels on brochures and greet customers.  And there was no pay for that but they will teach me to be an agent.

I thanked them and explained I just want to book Disney vacations for people.  I book my own and have helped many of my friends and family book theirs.  They looked at me like I was crazy and said “Well that’s not the way it works”. I was disappointed and then I found an ad Be A Travel Agent And Work From Home.

I had to cough up $1500 to join.  $300 annual fee each year.  I had to pay for all training courses plus $25 a month for booking software which I didn’t need to book Disney.  It was a 50% commission split and while it was suppose to be paid biweekly I needed to ask for my commissions.  It was totally ridicules and the only people making money was that company.

That’s not the way we do things at Mickey’s Travel.  I don’t want you to pluck tons of money down or have high monthly costs because it takes time to build your business.  I want you to succeed and not be discouraged and give up.  I buy your first set of business cards.  I pay for your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system fees for the first 6 months.  Mickey’s Travel maintains a fully functional website for you at no cost to you ever.  We pay for all professional agency membership fees and errors and omissions insurance.  All you need to do is concentrate on building your business.