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LeaAnne fell in love with Disney at a very early age. She remembers seeing”Cinderella” the movie in theaters when it was first released and knew that Disney would be a passion in her life.!

As a child her parents took she and her sister to Walt Disney World every Thanksgiving and remembers those were the best memories growing up. Riding the Haunted Mansion with her father was a special thing they did together and she still calls him from inside the attraction to let him hear the audio.!

Now LeaAnne is married to her Disney soulmate with 3 true Disney Princesses and tries to visit WDW as much as possible.! LeaAnne has visited WDW over 35 times and cannot wait to visit again! After planning trips to WDW for friends and family she now wishes to share her love of Disney with others.

Let her help make your Disney Vacation Dreams come true.

Email Address Phone # 865.591.9781
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