River Cruise

There’s no better way to get to the heart of a region’s history, culture and attractions than by river cruise. Board your well-appointed ship and settle in for a gentle sailing down one of the world’s fabled waterways.  Click on the logos below for more information.

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europe.600European River Cruises

River cruises are offered on a variety of waterways in Europe, and each one hold its own special allure. You’ll travel on small, well-appointed riverboats that dock in the center of town, close to the main sights.

Danube River cruises take passengers to intriguing Old World cities like Vienna and Budapest, and through the pretty Wachau Valley. On a Rhine River cruise, you can visit the famed Gothic cathedral of Cologne, the pedestrian-only Drosselgasse in Rudesheim, and the art museums of Basel.

Cruises of the Elbe River travel through Germany and the Czech Republic on a route lined by ancient fortifications and medieval villages. The Mosel River, called the Moselle in France, showcases the German region best known for its Riesling wines.

Learn about Cossack and Tatar history on Dnieper River cruises in Ukraine, and get a firsthand view of fascinating Russia on a Volga River itinerary, where you’ll spend time in Moscow and St. Petersburg, among other destinations.

In France, Saone River cruises offer opportunities to sample the wine and cuisine of Burgundy, while Rhone sailings wind through Provencal towns and landscapes. Seine River cruises follow a route between Paris and the coast of Normandy, stopping at Rouen, home to a magnificent cathedral, and D-Day landing sites at Omaha Beach.

Douro River itineraries in Portugal lead to charming villages, deep gorges and the lush vineyards that produce the country’s famous port wine. And in Italy, you might enjoy a gondola ride through Venice’s picturesque canals before cruising the Po River to Bologna, northern Italy’s culinary capital.

Our European river cruises provide a relaxing, easy way to explore the continent’s grand cities and beautiful scenery. You’ll unpack only once and settle in for a leisurely sailing. They are easy to budget, because one price paid up front includes your cabin, onboard meals and guided sightseeing at each stop.

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ACL RiverboatUSA River Cruises

Explore the United States on some of the nation’s great waterways, as intimate vessels carry you to fascinating river towns and port cities.

Passengers on a Mississippi River cruise will savor the soul of a nation, visiting some of its most renowned cities. Learn about Civil War history in Vicksburg or the origin of blues, country and jazz in cities like Memphis and New Orleans. Some of these itineraries will also sail the Ohio and Tennessee Rivers. Enjoy the gentle waters of the Ohio River as you sail past St. Louis’ legendary gateway arch or visit distinguished Louisville, Kentucky. Guests sailing the Tennessee River, a large tributary of the Ohio River, will see beautiful bridges and possibly pass through the Tennessee River Gorge.

The Hudson River traverses the State of New York flowing north to south, and sailings on this river will travel to famous Big Apple hot spots. Passengers can visit West Point Military Academy or stroll through New York City on a walking tour.

The Erie Canal links Lake Erie to the Hudson River, and guests sailing this waterway will observe its flourishing waterscape and beautiful birds.

Guests cruising the Columbia River will travel through Washington and Oregon. Discover Hells Canyon aboard a covered jetboat or view the Columbia River Gorge as you are immersed in the culture of the Pacific Northwest.

A river cruise offers each guest an insider’s look at the rich culture of America. You’ll enjoy a leisurely sailing that’s easy to budget because your accommodations, most meals and guided sightseeing at each stop are included in one price, paid upfront.

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Other River Cruises

River Cruises in Russia  take you to her great landmarks and welcoming heartland. Cruises in Russia give you the chance to take in the colorful sights of Red Square, the royal retreats of St. Petersburg and quaint Golden Ring towns like Yaroslavl and Uglich.

Yangtze River Cruises flows for nearly 4,000 miles across the country. Sailings typically travel between Beijing and Shanghai.  You’ll see China’s famous sights such as the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square and Yuyuan Gardenon.

Get a firsthand look at the intriguing cultures of Southeast Asia on a Mekong River cruise. Ships sail through Cambodia and Vietnam on a route lined by bustling cities, rural villages, floating markets and temples.

With Egypt river cruises, you can explore the power of the ancient world as expert Egyptologists enlighten you on the myth and mystery of Egypt. See the convergence of ancient history and modern society as you visit Cairo and enjoy Egypt cruises along the mighty Nile between Luxor and Aswan

Irrawaddy River – Burmese Ayeyarwady , principal river of Myanmar (formerly Burma), running through the centre of the country. Myanmar’s most important commercial waterway.  Its name is believed to derive from the Sanskrit term airāvatī, meaning “elephant river.” The river flows wholly within the territory of Myanma. Its valley forms the historical, cultural, and economic heartland of Myanmar.

Cruising the Peruvian Amazon River your first glimpse of the majestic Amazon will be truly breathtaking. The sights—and the sounds— will stay with you forever.  Experience the Amazon wilderness where it originates in Peru – where biodiversity is at its greatest and the rainforest is untamed.