Cruise Information Form

There are many options when thinking about taking a cruise.  Maybe you want to see what cruises out from the closest port to you.  Or you have a specific destination and want to know what cruise lines sail that itinerary.

Another frequent question is what the price of your cruise vacation includes.  Here are the basics.
Ship accommodations
Ocean transportation
Most meals onboard
Some beverages onboard
Most entertainment onboard

You have probably seen advertised a cruise that is all inclusive.  What does that mean?  The definition varies by each cruise line.  One cruise line might advertise all inclusive which is just beer and wine with lunch and dinner.  Another will be all alcohol, specialty coffees and soft drinks all day long as well as gratuities, port charges and taxes.

When you look at the price of each cruise one seems much higher than the other but there are no hidden extra cost at all.  By the time you pay for all the things that are not included with your cruise you could be paying more in the long run.

Mickey’s Travel works with all the various cruise lines every day.  Our travel consultants intimately know each cruise line.  Let us find that cruise that fits exactly what you want