Become a Travel Agent

Want to become a Disney Vacation Specialist?

I started Mickey’s Travel in 1994 and I have had a wonderful time helping thousands of people save money and get the most from their Disney vacations.

We are looking for people who have visited Disney destinations and stayed numerous times.  We need people that have stayed at various Disney resorts in different resort classes multiple times  ( please ten or more) to use that experience to help others plan a Disney vacation.  

EX: Stayed at different value resorts 3 times
       Stayed at different moderate resorts 5 times
       Stayed at different deluxe resorts 2 times

You know the difference because you experienced all different resort class first hand by staying there

Touring the parks is the easy part.  You need to know the the different types of resort class to suggest to people the resort that fits their lifestyle and budget.  You need to have stayed at the different Disney resort classes many, many times to gain that hands on experience.  You can’t learn that from a website.  That is why people choose Mickey’s Travel because of our knowledge and expertise.  We’ve been there. Done that.

If you enjoy helping others plan a Disney vacation this is for you.  Want to work from home?  Selling Disney travel and helping others is one of the most rewarding careers you’ll ever have! Where else do you get to talk about your favorite place in the whole world  24/7/365 and make money doing it?  It is not all fun and it is work and takes dedication.

So does this sound like you?

  Do you have experience in the travel industry or extensive personal travel experience to Disney staying at on site Disney owned hotels and/or sailed a Disney Cruise?
  Do you know what it takes to make a successful vacation?
  Can you effectively guide people in making decisions that lead to great results?
  Have you visited multiple destinations like Walt Disney World? Disneyland ? Taken a Disney Cruise?
  Do your friends, family and co-workers tease you as  “Mr/Mrs Disney?”
  Are you always sought out by others answering questions about Disney theme parks, cruises, lodging, tickets, and other vacation planning details?
  Have you actually planned trips, suggested or planned itineraries for others?
  Are you driven, dedicated, and able to successfully work independently?
  Can you stay with it when the going gets tough?
  Can you set to a goal and do whatever is necessary to achieve it?
  Can you communicate professionally with proper grammar, and spelling both in writing and over the phone?
  Do you have a passion for customer service?
  Can you provide an exceptional, above and beyond, phenomenal ,fantastic, outstanding, top notch, out of this world experience for each and every guest? Even tough ones every single time? Regardless of your personal situations?
  If someone was to mentor you, help you get started, provide ongoing support and training do you just know you can be a great Disney vacation planner?

Plus do you have other things too like Integrity, Honesty, Dedication, Selfishness, Commitment, Trust, Respect, Patience, High Work Ethic, Generosity, Passion, Desire, Enthusiasm, Consistency, Level Headedness, Relentless pursuit, detail oriented and a sense of humor!

And most importantly, do you understand the Disney philosophy and understand what the “Magic” is and can you make that “Magic” happen for your every Guest you work with every day?

 So if you answered yes to some of the above statements I WANT YOU

 Here’s what it is about:

  Flexible Work Environment – You work from home and set your own hours. You work as much or as little as you want. There are NEVER any sales minimums.  But you need to check and respond to emails every single day. True Mickey’s Travel only sells Disney destinations but you also have the freedom and flexibility to sell any destination. That includes everything.  Hawaii, Europe ..the entire world as we are a full service agency
  Generous Commissions – Earn up to 90 percent on every booking you sell. You also will have many opportunities to earn bonus commissions and earn some great rewards just for selling travel!
  Travel Benefits** – Receive major discounts on all kinds of travel once you reach certain requirements.  Earn money for your hard work, and receive many wonderful opportunities to experience destinations for yourself! By becoming a Disney Specialist, you’ll be able to earn great discounts to various Disney Destinations.
  Extensive Training and Support – I will not only help you get started in this exciting business, but I will continue to support you as long as you are with Mickey’s Travel. Help is only a quick email, text or phone call away.
  Your Own Web Page You will get your fully functional web page with all Disney Destination e-brochures including quote forms and mailing list sign up form.  
  Your own Mickey’s Travel email address. You can use on your business cards, flyers and promotions.  your name
  Mickey’s Travel Training & Reference Site You’ll have access to our training and reference website that has everything for you to succeed and grow your business right at your fingertips. Everything from training videos to links to every piece of information you need.
  Business Cards You will get your first 250 business cards free of charge
  Marketing Materials You will receive tons of marketing materials such as brochures, email templates and promotional aids to help promote your business.

There are NO set up fees, NO monthly fees, NO annual fees, and NEVER any hidden mandatory fees.  NO quotas to make, NO stress.  Just dedication!  You need to actively be a travel agent and book vacations.  THIS IS NOT A VACATION CLUB JUST TO ONLY BOOK YOURSELF

 Here’s what you will need to be able to do and provide.

  Come up with ideas for obtaining leads and client lists to whom you can market your services.
  Put together a network of contacts with whom you can work to build a loyal client base.
  Successfully generate your own sales leads.
  Become familiar with sales, marketing and advertising.
  Computer set up with anti-virus software preferably that updates daily, Word & high speed internet access.
  Private workspace that is free from ambient noise
  Phone line dedicated to your business. This phone should have a professional voice mail and should never be answered by anyone besides you or any staff.  It could be a land line, cell or VOP.
  Filing system to keep records safe and secure.  Must actively check emails multiple times each day and respond in a timely manner.  Disney is open 7 days a week.

 Click the here to fill out an application

** Once you reach a certain amount of gross commission.  We make sure you want to help others plan great Disney vacations.  Not just to help yourself to discounts