Planning Affiliate

 You know how to plan for a Disney vacation and we’re sure you can book your vacations yourself, right. We are offering a way to make a little money by letting us just book the reservation part of your Disney vacation for you. You still do all your planning, My Disney Experience dining etc. 

We make your reservation and we grab whatever discounts are available at the time of booking.  If discount are currently unavailable for your travel dates or resort selection. we will continue to monitor for discounts and automatically apply them if available when they are released . If you need to make any modifications  like travel dates, resort tickets etc. We’ll do all that work and pay you to do it! Why? 

QUOTAS! Just like police writing tickets and salespeople travel agencies need to hit goals.  We advertise on websites, newsletters, Facebook  spending hundreds of dollars “hoping” to get bookings. That is money sometimes spent with no return and only the people that made money are the people we paid to advertise with. 

What is a sure 100% way to spend our money and get bookings? Pay you that’s how. We book your vacation, you go on vacation and we then get paid commission. So how do you get paid? Well we aren’t going to send a mediocre gift card or provide travel credit you may not use. We pay what we owe you by paying that to your Disney vacation when the balance is due. Look at this actual reservation.

Here's the plan

Look at the bottom right which is the financial part of the reservation.  The commission for this reservation is $290.52.

On this program you would get 40% of the commission in case  $116.21 just allowing us to book and maintain the reservation.  You do all the planning, dining etc. just like always.

The balance of 3,459.48 needs to be paid on August 11 2025.  On that date we pay $116.21 owed to you on your balance and you pay the rest.  

Simple and everyone wins!  And booking vacations is how we feed our family and make a living.  
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