About Us

In 1984 we fell in love with Disney but for a whole different reason.  During our honeymoon we made a stop at Disneyland in California.   At that time my wife and I  had a theatrical production company and we were amazed at the detail and craftsmanship of Disney.

Years later, as a young family, we took our two year old daughter to Walt Disney World.  When I walked into the Magic Kingdom I was totally immersed in the magic of Disney.  My heart started racing and the feeling of joy and happiness, it was like falling in love.

Experiencing that with my wife and seeing it through my daughter was incredible.  It was like Walt Disney made this place just for us.  That was over 25 years ago and since that first trip we’ve vacationed 3 to 6 times at Walt Disney World each and every year.

During those vacations we have accumulated lots of knowledge and experience.  We always stayed at two resorts each trip which gave us the opportunity to stay at every Disney resort numerous times.  We have visited during all times of the year and have eaten in almost every restaurant.

Plan For Walt Disney World is designed to help you plan your vacation.  There is no right or wrong way to vacation at Disney just your way.  We hope to provide you with information to help you choose when, where and how and make your Disney vacation truly your own.

 While we strive to provide current and correct information things are constantly changing.  Visit the official Walt Disney World website for official information or contact Mickey’s Travel, an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner..

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