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 Once upon a time in Cyberspace, two people were lucky enough to meet and fall in love. I am Liza, a school teacher. My husband, Ben, a public relations agent, grew up 25 miles away from me, but our paths never crossed. It was only after we each took the plunge into online dating that we found each other and embarked on our greatest adventure ever– marriage.

Ben is a business man and the product of a numbers oriented home– his Mom was a Math teacher, and his Dad was an accountant. He’s the logistical thinker. He can crunch the numbers, and find the best deal
If Ben is the brain of the operation, then I’m the heart. As a lifelong dreamer, I can help you imagine vacations that are beyond what you can fathom. Magic is indeed possible, and I’m so happy to be the Fairy Godmother who can help make magic for you and your loved ones.

So let’s get started!

“All the little things we do will make the big difference in your vacation”. Let us help you make your dreams come true.

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Favorite Disney Park
Magic Kingdom- At the heart of any Disney vacation is Walt. His dreams become reality in Magic Kingdom, where the worlds that ignited his imagination live on.
Favorite Disney Attraction
World of Color- The nighttime show, exclusive to Disney’s California Adventure Park, is breathtaking in the visual effects, as well as in the musical score. It takes you on a journey through all of the best of Disney, past and present.
Favorite Disney Restaurant
We are foodies, so this is a tough one to narrow down. For a once in a lifetime experience, you can’t beat Victoria and Albert’s at the Grand Floridian. The elegance, personalized attention and artistry of the food is second to none. For a terrific family experience, we love Ohana at the Polynesian Resort. If the food doesn’t make you feel like a member of the family, a visit at breakfast from Mickey, Lilo, Stitch and Pluto should do the trick! For a quick bite, you’re not going to do much better than a classic all American hot dog at Casey’s in the Magic Kingdom. The pro-tip is to try it with toppings– from chili to mac and cheese, the folks at Casey’s make every hot dog worth remembering!
Favorite Disney Character
For Ben, the world changed with the introduction of Maui in the movie “Moana.” As the first “Pooh-sized” character celebrated in Disney animation, he immediately became one of Ben’s favorites. For me, from the age of 2, my world has always been Mickey-centric. I love his kindness, his humor, his light-heartedness and his incurable optimism. In the words of Uncle Walt, “I only hope that we don’t lose sight of one thing – that it was all started by a mouse.”
Favorite Disney Movie
Ben is a huge fan of the Cars series, especially Mater, whose heart and humor make him so lovable. My favorite is “Moana.” It’s not about winning a prince’s heart or gaining beauty. It’s about recognizing the strength and beauty that lived inside of you all along. That’s a pretty wonderful thing to keep in mind.