Non Client Service Fees

Services Available for Non Clients

Mickey’s Travel is not a hobby.  This is a professional business with travel agents that are people who have chosen to work in the travel industry and this is their livelihood. They are regular people who pay the mortgage, tuition, braces and other expenses just like you.  Would you like to provide your knowledge, service and time at your business or job for free?

That wouldn’t be fair to ask you to not be compensated right?  You call Disney for a vacation quote and that Disney reservation agent gives you a price but you don’t book.  Then how does that Disney reservation agent get paid if you didn’t book?  They are a Disney employee and get paid by the hour.

We provide quotes each day and if no one books a vacation with Mickey’s Travel how do we get paid? We don’t.  We are not Disney employees.  We get paid commissions only if you book your vacation with Mickey’s Travel.  Commissions are paid by the supplier (Disney) and the price we quote is exactly the same as Disney and in some cases less.

We get dozens of emails and phone calls each day being asked all kinds of questions or looking for information. While we love helping people with their vacation there is a question we need to ask.  Why did you call Mickey’s Travel?

Probably you tried calling Disney only to find out there is a 40 minute wait on hold. You don’t want to spend hours searching the internet hoping you find correct and updated information.  Your time is much too valuable so you call Mickey’s Travel for expert advice.

Our time is valuable too.  Our initial consultation fee is $25 which provides answers to all the questions you have and advice you need.  If you decide to book your vacation with Mickey’s Travel that consultation fee will be applied to your final payment on your reservation. 


Already Booked Your Vacation

Maybe you found out about Mickey’s Travel and we couldn’t take over your reservation because you booked more than 30 days ago.  Perhaps you’re renting DVC points, been given a timeshare or even won a free trip. Our itinerary planning services can mean the difference between a vacation that is unorganized to one where all your dreams will come true.

Dining Reservations Assistance
Make all your dining reservations for your entire stay*
$25 service fee (FREE to those who booked their vacation with Mickey’s Travel)

FastPass+ and MyMagic+ Assistance
Make all your FastPass+ selections for your entire stay*
$25 service fee (FREE to those who booked their vacation with Mickey’s Travel)

Itinerary Planning Assistance
 A personalized itinerary that includes:

  • Daily itinerary based on your interest
  • park hours and fireworks schedules
  • Advance Dining Reservations*
  • FastPass+ selections*
  • Tips and tricks to maximize your vacation experience

Base Price (3 Days or less): $100 + $25 per additional vacation day (FREE to those who booked their vacation with Mickey’s Travel)
e.g; A five day itinerary will cost $150

*(based on availability)