When You Call Disney Is it Really Disney?

When you call Disney direct you have to remember you are dealing with a call center. This is a group of people that are trained “to be and sound” a specific way by Disney.  Most of these people never set foot in a Disney park. When you ask a question they read from a computer screen to give you an answer.  There is no real first hand knowledge or experience

Yet you feel that since you are dealing with Disney whatever they say is correct.   But when you call Disney is it really Disney?  Many times you are dealing with a third party reservation company.  Welcome to Arise Virtual Solutions 

Example 1  Looking to recruit Client Support Professionals for Arise

Example 2 DISboards .com forum with a post from a stay at home Disney reservationist employed by Arise, not Disney

Example 3  a virtual staffing company that provides individuals the opportunity to work with major clients (Disney) through the Arise

Google Disney IBO and CSP and Arise Disney reservations

Working with an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner like Mickey’s Travel  you will work with one planner each and every time.  Our prices are the same as Disney because we book as travel agents in Disney’s reservation system.  Same discounts, real Disney reservations and exceptional customer service that you can only find with Mickey’s Travel.

Mickey’s Travel is 100% free when you book with us because Disney pays us commission.  It doesn’t cost you anything more than what Disney costs. Remember we work for you and want what is best for you and your family.  We don’t get paid by the hour by some 3rd party company like Arise.  We care about your vacation like it is our own.

We are experts in Disney vacations and we have tons of first hand experience and knowledge.  In April 2016 we polled our agents to see how many visits our agents have to Disney destinations.  Combined our agents have taken over 930 vacations to Walt Disney World alone.

If you figure an average Disney vacations is 4 days then at 930 visits that equals to 3720 days. Divide 3720 days by 365 days in a year our Mickey’s Travel planners have over 10 years of of vacation time at Disney

Walking up and down Main Street every single day for 10 years in a row.  Staying 365 nights each year for 10 years at a Disney resorts. Eating at Disney restaurants every single day for breakfast lunch and dinner for 10 years straight.

Being someplace for 10 years you could say you have a very intimate knowledge on that destination.  Since 1994 Mickey’s Travel has helped thousands and thousands of people plan Disney vacation.

Isn’t your vacation important to you? Would you rather trust your vacation to someone making $14 an hour sitting in their pajamas at home? Do you think they care or do you think they will even be around in another year? Then work with the best, Mickey’s Travel.