Why Book With Us?

 Major Mistakes People Make When Choosing Who To Book A Vacation With

WD quotesThere are many terms out there that are designed to influence your decision making.  Everything we see in advertising is designed to have you make an assumption.  This is something you should read before you decide who you will turn to help you plan your Disney vacation.  And there are some very important things you need to realize and ask before you do.


Earmarked 2015 Award

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Who are you booking with?

Mickey’s Travel has been designated by Disney Destinations as an “Authorized Disney Vacation Planner”,  Actually the program was originally called Magic Makers which started in the late 90s and Mickey’s Travel was one of the first agencies accepted

For 2015 we have  been recognized by the Walt Disney Company for our special achievement and our high level of customer service.

Disney College Of Knowledge

All agents that are with agencies that specialize in Disney take the Disney College of Knowledge course. It’s an online course that takes a few hours and you can’t fail it.  You take the test as many times as needed to pass.  Disney now requires agents to take the course each year if they want the travel agent perks from Disney or go on a Disney Fam.

What is a Disney Fam?
orry.  A Fam is short for familiarization trip which is provided by all vacation destinations to have an opportunity for a travel agent to visit a destination they have not been to and take onsite training and usually get a “specialist designation” for that destination.

I was on a Disney fam and was talking to this young girl.  She was just hired by this well-known agency with 40 locations across the US.  They were very reputable and she was going to be the “Disney Specialist” for her agency.  So anyone that walked into this agency wanting to go to Disney was sent to her.  The last night of the Fam a few of us agents were talking about the resorts and she asked why are the All Star resorts called a value resort.

All travel agents with Mickey’s Travel are required to visit Walt Disney World or Disneyland each year.  While on their personal vacation at a Disney destination they must make two other Disney resort inspections and meet with the day manager.  The agent fills out our resort inspection report and sends it to the main office for review. This is our profession as well as our passion.

 Travel Agencies That Are Sponsors On Many Disney Oriented Websites And Forums

This is only an advertisement.  Being an official sponsor of a website is an advertising agreement and in most cases the owner of the website or forum may never have used the sponsor agency.  Our agents are on many Disney forums trying to answer questions but more so to correct misinformation that is found on many of these boards.  This is our personal time that we volunteer and we are not paid in any way. 

On most Disney forums that sponsor travel agency never contributes to the boards.  They  will be glad to help you if you are their client.  Don’t get me wrong many of those agencies are very good.  Just remember being a sponsor does not mean you should trust your vacation to them.  They are paying to be there and relying on the website you are visiting to make you feel the sponsor agency is credible.  You need to do your due diligence.

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Disney Vacation Concierge, Magic Makers, Dream Makers And All These Disney Only Agencies.  How do you decide?

While all those self made terms for travel agents above are cute the one term that you want to see is “Authorized Disney Vacation Planner which is a designation given by Disney Destinations to the cream of the crop of travel agencies that specialize in Disney 

But are they all truly professional travel agencies? Mickey’s Travel is a member of ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents) which is the world’s largest association of travel professionals.

First the best advice is not to fall for advertising and marketing gimmicks.  The second thing is you need to find out how they are qualified to handle your vacation?  What kind of training is offered by the agency?  The agents at Mickey’s Travel are trained professionals that will assist you when any situation arises about your vacation.  They are not just a group of stay at home moms that have gone to a Disney destination a few times and just like to plan your dining and park touring.  Mickey’s Travel constantly tests our agent’s knowledge as well as competence.  

Mickey’s Travel uses a  third party consultant that makes an actual reservation with each Mickey’s Travel agent  once a year to test their competence unknown to the agent. The consulting company provides us the reservation and all communication with the agent.  The home office looks over the reservation and verifies the agent is following Mickey’s Travel stringent procedures and protocol.  This ensures 100% satisfaction. .  We provide a high level of service and have been in business since 1994 for a reason.   We are full time, full service agency.

 Booking With Disney Is The Best Way, Right?

When you call Disney direct you have to remember you are dealing with a call center.  This is a group of people that are trained “to be and sound” a specific way by Disney.  And for many of them it is only a job that pays the rent and puts food on the table.  Every time you call Disney you will never speak to the same agent.  Remember a Disney reservation agent works for Disney, WE WORK FOR YOU!

Disney will never automatically modify your existing reservation to save you money when a promotion comes out.  They will offer you choices and prices and never provide any insight to help you make a decision .  They are not allowed to.  They book whatever you decide you think you want.  You always have the same agent with Mickey’s Travel and our goal is to save you money and enhance your vacation.  All our knowledge, expertise and unbiased input is always available to you.  That is why we are here.

Honestly you are only one reservation to Disney.  If you have a problem while on vacation Disney will try to smooth a problem over and maybe you’re happy with it and maybe you’re not.  We represent you our client.  When Mickey’s Travel intercedes on your behalf because of an issue we are an agency that does hundreds of thousands’ of dollars with Disney and when we get involved Disney responds.

See what Disney Parks Moms Panel say about using Authorized Disney Vacation Planners


What does that word mean?  By definition “skilled, expert, practiced, veteran, accomplished, versed, adept, qualified”. Vinnie, the owner of Mickey’s Travel, has been to Walt Disney World 82 times.  Vinnie lives in Arizona so that is 82 vacations and not 1 day trips and those vacations are usually 7 to 10 days each time

If you were to ask every agent from all these other Disney only agencies how many visits they have to Walt Disney World the average reply would be 10 visits.  VINNIE HAS 8 TIMES MORE VISITS!.  Not just a few more visits than the average agent but SEVENTY more visits! Now that fits the definition of experienced in spades.

Our number one goal has always been to provide information and guidance to help you choose what was right for your family. We hope these definitions have also provided you with some information and guidance for you to choose who will help you with your next Disney vacation. Over 80% of our business comes from repeat Guests and referrals. That speaks volumes and that is something we all at Mickey’s Travel are very proud of. We look forward to working with you on planning your next Disney vacation.