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.Hey, I’m Brittany! Howdy, howdy, howdy! And I wanted to share with you a little about myself. I am a Florida native but I am living in Tennessee right now. Growing up in Florida gave me many opportunities to visit Disney. Little did I know that it would become my favorite place in the world to visit!

As a child, I remember going out to theater to see Disney movies such as the Hunchback of Notre Dame (with my Burger King french toast sticks) and The Lion King. Disney movies were always a part of my childhood. I have pictures of myself sitting in a laundry basket playing in front of the TV while watching The Little Mermaid. I remember all the magical times I visited the parks starting at the age of 3. I have been too many times to count! After my laundry basket phase, I moved in to the collecting phase. I always wanted a new Disney stuffed animal from the Disney Store in the mall. I was so obsessed (even at that age) that every time I went over to my grandparents house, all I wanted to do was sit with the ‘big Mickey’..Brittany

My love for Disney lead me to discover the Disney College Program. I decided it was time to put my passion and knowledge to the test. I worked for the Walt Disney Company in the Magic Kingdom for 4+ years. During my time there I was able to experience this ‘Whole New World’ in a different way than before!

I got to experience most of the Disney resorts on property. I have been on 3 Disney cruises! I have eaten at so many restaurants. I’ve even bowled a few strikes! Growing up with Disney really shaped me into the special kidult that I am.

I joined the Mickey’s Travel team to share my love and experience with every guest. I have so much Disney knowledge, I can’t just keep it to myself. I would be thrilled to help you and your family make memories at the place that has made so many for me.

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Favorite Disney Park Magic Kingdom
Favorite Disney Attraction The Seven Dwarves Mine Train
Favorite Disney Restaurant Table Service: Sci-Fi Drive In/a close second is the Garden Grill
Quick Service: Be Our Guest! (It’s for the Strawberry Cream Cheese Cupcake (of course))
Favorite Disney Character Dug from Up!
Favorite Disney Movie 101 Dalmatians
 Every year our agents are required, as Authorized Disney Vacation Planners, to take the yearly Disney Genius College of Disney Knowledge course. They are required to complete the course in December of the previous year or January of the current yearbrittany 2016