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All positions are filled however we are still taking applications for future review only.  

If you are currently working as a travel agent or have in the past please contact

Want to become a travel agent?

I started Mickey’s Travel in 1994 and I have had a wonderful time helping thousands of people save money and get the most from their Disney vacations.  If you enjoy helping others plan a vacation this is for you.  While we specialize in Disney we sell all cruise lines and destinations worldwide.  Selling travel and helping others is one of the most rewarding careers you’ll ever have!   It is not all fun and it is work and takes dedication. You have to be able to sell yourself and your service to others to succeed

Plus do you have other things too like Integrity, Honesty, Dedication, Selfishness, Commitment, Trust, Respect, Patience, High Work Ethic, Generosity, Passion, Desire, Enthusiasm, Consistency, Level Headed, Relentless Pursuit, Detail Oriented and a sense of humor!

And most importantly, do you understand the Disney philosophy and understand what the “Magic” is and can you make that “Magic” happen for your every Guest you work with every day? 

We are looking for people who have visited and stayed numerous times at your most visited Disney Destination.  We understand most people on the east coast probably never visited Disneyland in California. Those on the west coast probably haven’t gotten to Walt Disney World in Florida.  And some may have been fortunate to visit both destinations. We also want people with knowledge and experience with non Disney vacations and other cruise lines

The following is what minimum experience you must have for Disney destinations..


Walt Disney World

Lets start with those who has the most experience with visits to Walt Disney World.  We need people that have stayed at various Disney resorts in different resort classes multiple times  ( please at least 10 or more vacations as an adult within the last 10 years) to use that experience to help others plan a Disney vacation.  

Stayed at value resorts at least once.  Experienced 2 or more even better
Stayed at  moderate resorts at least once. Experienced 2 or more even better
Stayed at deluxe or deluxe villa resorts at least once. Experienced 2 or more even better

But you have to have stayed at least one time in each class to qualify.  If you do not meet that requirement then you can’t be an effective travel agent.  

Touring the parks is the easy part.  You need to know the the different types of resort class to suggest to people the resort that fits their lifestyle and budget.  You need to have stayed at the different Disney resort classes many, many times to gain that hands on experience.  You can’t learn that from a website. That is why people choose Mickey’s Travel because of our knowledge and expertise.


For those who have the most experience with visits to Disneyland you need to have stayed both onsite and offsite.  We need people that have stayed at least once onsite at a Disney owned resort and various offsite hotels to qualify  ( please at least 6 or more vacations NOT DAY VISITS as an adult within the last 8 years)

Stayed at onsite Disney owned resorts at least once.  Experienced 2 or more even better
Stayed at offsite at a wide selection of hotels resorts. Experienced 4 or more even better

Walt Disney World And Disneyland  

Maybe you only have 7 vacations to Walt Disney World and 2 vacations to Disneyland.  If you have stayed at all 3 resort class at Walt Disney World  and stayed both onsite and offsite at Disneyland we can consider that.

If you meet the minimum resort requirement CLICK HERE to continue